Learning Basic Skills [VHS]

Learning Basic Skills [VHS]

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This award winning video teaches colors, letters and numbers to Hap's beloved music.


This is not a Hap Palmer (Baby Songs) music video but a Hap Palmer educational video that features his music. When a classroom of elementary school students hear of an impending substitute teacher, they groan in anticipation. The substitutes who arrive prove to be three very unique teachers. Mr. Colors brightens up a very dreary classroom (shot in black and white) with his vast palette of colors. Next comes Mr. Letters, a comical fellow who speaks in puns and offers the children their own personal set of letters. Then there's Digit, a clumsy dog who loves to count. He has the kids counting and adding sets in no time. Finally, it's off to the "30-second challenge," a relay and obstacle course that has all the kids engaged in fun competition. This 25-minute video has three self-contained segments: colors, letters, and music. In each, the classroom children engage in fun, educational activities to the accompaniment of song. For instance, in "Colors" the children hold specific color cards and stand or sit according to the directions given in the song. Similarly, in "Marching Around the Alphabet" children play musical chairs-type game with letter cards--when the whistle blows, kids pick up the letter nearest their feet, identify it, and provide an example of a word starting with that letter. An extensive parental guide describing skills learned as well as activities and materials used accompanies the tape. This video, which does a good job of presenting basic skills in an entertaining format, features some wonderful music. Its only downside is that it's a short video for the price--and there are so many more subjects worth exploring. (Ages 2 to 7)--Tami Horiuchi

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